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Life is a medley of pleasure and pain, attachment and detachment, friends and foes, success and failure, hope and despair, light and dark. In the mad race to lead a happy life one has forgotten the basic approach required to lead a peaceful and blissful life. A train, when on track, smoothly covers all regions whether through plains or mountains or plateaus or river, but when off the track the journey is tortuous and turbulent with impending fear of falling and crashing any time. In our journey of life, due to our ignorance, we leave the track and our life soon spins out of our control. To bring peace and happiness into our lives, we have to take control of life and bring it back on track.

Mission Ruhani Satsang Prem Samaj was established on 3rd May 1937 by his divine grace Maharaj Bood Singh Bir Ji. Maharaj Bir Ji preached the great act of living based on universal brotherhood and love for all. He not only made people understand the goal of life but also taught us as to how we can seek it in our present life itself.Mission Prem Samaj was established with main objective to make people understand the basic truth of life that God is present in all beings. All human beings are equal through the bond of soul. Maharaj gave three slogans that by themselves are complete and guide a person as how to live life peacefully and how while fulfilling all worldly duties a family man can be one with God.

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