Sural kalan,Shri Shiv Shakti Mandir.
Surl Kalan, Pin Code : 140401, Tehsil Rajpura, Distt. Patiala, Punjab - INDIA
Phone : 98153-91498

Sant Baba Amreek Singh Ji

Shri Shiv Shakti Mandir, located at Surl Kalan, Tehsil Rajpura, Distt. Patiala, Punjab, INDIA. This village is about 8KM from Rajpura City. You can reach here by your own vehicle or by any other public transport.

The gaddi nasheen Sant Baba Amrik Singh Ji are third generation of this traditional gaddi. This gaddi have long history starting from Pakistan. Sant Baba Bana Ram Ji started this gaddi. Baba ji was just 8 years old when hi got special blessing from Shiv Shankar Ji and Mata Parvati Ji. Baba Ji always stays in the company of his Guru Ji.

After Pakistan came into existance in 1947 Baba Ji came to India. He always keep travling holy temples and Pilgrimage. Baba Ji return to home after 2-3 years each time he goes to Pilgrimage. People and devotees of Baba Ji asked him to make a Dera or Temple, but Baba Ji always said no, and explain tha if he make a Dera or Temple then he develops attachment or love with that place. So he always gave discourse or pravachan to sadh sangat on the roads of village or city. Some people also complains that it creates road jams and inconvience to the people.

One day Baba Ji got orders and blessings from Shiv Shankar Ji and Mata Parvati Ji that you have to built a temple. Then you keep looking for a suitable place for temple. A young couple from Mandi Gobindgarh came for your blessings and said "Agar hamari manokamna puri ho gai to hum mandir ke liye jagah le kar denge". Baba Ji blessed them and they gave land for Temple and this Temple came into existance.

Presently gaddi nasheen Sant Baba Amrik Singh Ji was just 9 years old when he was blessed by Baba Ji. Baba Ji always teach him to serve and protect Cow and Poor, "Gau ate Gareeb di rakhia karni hai". The devotee of this temple spreads all over the world and always keep visiting this temple at least once in a year. Now a Bridh Ashram "Old Age Home" is also constucted by Temple, where provide shelter to those old peoples which are left alone by their children.

Sant Baba Amrik Singh Ji having his own very loving family and always ask sadh sangat for taking care of their families and elder one's. He always said that you must have to serve you parents to get the blessings of Param Pita Parmatma. Sant Baba Amrik Singh Ji along with his wife Guru Mata Sureka Vartiya and doughter Sumanpreet Vartiya, son Sumit Vartiya are regualrly working for the betterment of human kind.

Special Occasions and Programs
Maha Shiv Ratri Celeberation (Sant Sammelan, Katha Prasang, Langar)
Barsi Baba Bana Ram Ji (Ist Sunday of October, Every Year)
Shri Krishana Janamashtami
Guru Purnima Divas

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