gurudwara baba sang dhesian sahib
gurudwara baba sang dhesian sahib
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baba sang ji

The Gurudwara of Sang Baba Ji was implicit the memory of Baba Sang Ji. All developments around the Gurudwara, for example Langar, walkway and minor work of art display center were assembled by the gifts made by lovers. The walkway of Sang Baba Ji Gurudwara was built in the recollection of Son of Baba Sang "Baba Gurleaksh Singh Ji". Generally, part of the development of this Gurudwara was made by Sant Bhupinder Singer (inhabitant of Sang Dhesian). Sant Bhupinder Singh gave gold of 6 ounces for the tower as well as finances for Nisham Sahile.
The primary passage of the Gurudwara was assembled with the gifts made by Gurdwara Parbandhak advisory group under the organization of Sant Bhupinder Singh Ji. There is a delightful craft display exhibition hall inside the Gurudwara that shows superb bits of woodwork craftsmanship on sandalwood. There is additionally a hallowed pool close by the Gurudwara, which is 329 feet long as well as 176 wide. A Langar corridor (eating lobby) is additionally there in the Gurudwara, which is 90 feet long and 50 feet wide where as many individuals can consume together. The gifts of this Langar development were made by lovers.
The Gurdwara there is remarkable pools, which are 329 feet long and is loaded with water from a tube-well. There is a lovely motel for the comfort of the travelers. It has been developed with liberal commitments from the occupants Sang Dhesian and neighborhood parts living in outside nations.
There are 90 feet x 50 feet eating lobby beside the Gurdwara where as many individuals can consume together. The gifts for the development of eating corridor were made by Sat Guru's Sikhs. Before the corridor there is open space 100 feet x 70 feet.

“Bhai Jodh of the Dhesian village used to serve the Sangat who happened to stay for a night. While going to Chak Guru Ram Dass (Now ASR.) for the Karsewa of the Sarowar once Bhaj Jodh also joined the Sangat for Karsewa. His devotion, dedication and disiplined way of life impressed Guru Arjan Dev Ji who showered him with his blessing to serve the communityBhai Jodh was called Bhaj Sang & later Baba Sang Ji. He was blessed with a daughter Bibi Mukandi and a son Bhai Gurbakhash Ji. Devotees from all over the word in general & from the surrounding villages in special come to pay homage to the great deciple of Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Baba Sang Ji was a Sikh during the time of Guru Arjan Dev Ji (1563-1606), the fifth Sikh Guru. Baba Sang Ji's earlier name was Jodh, He was son of a Dhesi Jatt farmer named Daata of Village Sang Dhesian, in Manjke region of Punjab, Present day Jalandhar District of Punjab, now part of the Doaba region.
From childhood he had converted to Sikhism, and his family also, started following the House of Guru Nanak. Guru Arjan Dev Ji renamed him Sang, At Amritsar, Guru Arjan Dev Ji himself arranged the marriage of Baba Sang Ji was married to the daughter of a Sikh who was from Hoshiarpur District, from village Kullar. His parents were informed and called to Amritsar.
Bhai Jodh known as earlier also joined the Sangat for Karsewa, he had traveled to Chak Ram Das (Amritsar) with the Sikhs from the Malva Region, who were also on there way to Amritsar. His devotion, dedication and disiplined way of life impressed Guru Arjan Dev Ji who showered him with his blessing to serve the community.
Baba Sang Ji, was sent by Guru Arjan Dev ji himself to Preach the Sikh Religion in the Manjke region of Punjab, his native home. He preached Sikhism their all his life. He brought the whole Manjke region, in to Sikhism.
During the wedding of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, to Mata Ganga Ji in 1589, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, with the Barat traveled from Goindwal Sahib (Majha), crossing the River Beas, to Manjke Region reaching village of Bilga, where the Sangat served Guru Ji, at that time Guru Sahib sent a message to Sang Dhesian village for Baba Sang ji to join the Barat. Along with Guru Sahibs and barati's were Baba Budha ji, Bhai Manjh Ji, Bhai Shalo Ji, Mian Mir Ji, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Bhai Sang Ji and other Sadhu's. Guru Sahib got married to Mata Ganga Ji at the village Mau Sahib near Bilga, where Mata Ganga ji Belonged to.
Baba Sang Ji had two children, a daughter named Bibi Mukandi, and a Son named Gurbaksh. Baba Sang ji used to do aradhana of Akal Purakh, in the near by Jungles around the village..”

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